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Hennen Plumbing Contractors, Inc.,

Serving North Texas for 50 Years

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Our Company History.

For over half a century Hennen Plumbing Contractors, Inc. has built a reputation based on quality, safety and highly ethical business principles in the Dallas/Fort Worth Construction Indistry. Hennen Plumbing Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1945 by M. M. "Pop" Hennen. The company gained much recognition for its quality residential plumbing installations throughout the 1940's and 1950's.
In 1965, "Pop" handed control of the company to his son Stephen Hennen. Realizing that construction industry growth in the area was headed towards the commercial sector, Steve along with his wife, Marlen, transitioned the company to focus solely on commercial services to take full advantage of this growth. Since that time, Hennen Plumbing contractors has mainained an outstanding reputation with many general contractors, architects, engineers and fellow tradesmen nationwide. More importantly, Hennen Plumbing Contractors has never been invloved in any litigation regarding workmanship, contracts or business integrity.
The company continues to thrive as a third generation leads the company into the 21st century. Chris Hennen, son of Steve and Marlen, has been with the company for more than twenty years and is a licensed Master plumber. He has updated best practices and processes within the company to meet the technological demands now required in the construction industry.
Through these advances and with a third generation in place, Hennen Plumbing Contractors, Inc. is poised to continue its historical presence of providing high quality commercial plumbing installations in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas for many years to come.
Hennen Plumbing Contractors, Inc.
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